"Bano" is Super Alkaline Ionized Water

Bano is Super Alkaline Ionized Water with pH 12.5, which is very high alkaline water at
100,000 times of neutral water. Bano is super cleanser with zero pollution and eco-friendly maximizing the power of nature.

High Alkaline pH 12.5

pH is value indicator of Hydrogen Ion density of water. Values below than pH 7 are acidic and greater than pH 7 are alkaline. Pure water is said to be neutral, which is close to pH 7. Ionized alkaline water sold as drinking water is around pH 8. Bano is high alkaline ionized water through proprietary method containing a lot of electronic( - ) ion at pH 12.5.

Negative Ionized

Bano is electrolyzed high alkaline water with full negative( - ) ions produced by special electrolysis method. Bano eliminates bacteria, dissolving oils and fats instantly. Negative( - ) ions will take off various positive( + ) ionized dirt which will give you cleaniness in your home and office by simply spraying Bano and wiping off.

Made of Water

Bano is made of 99.9% Pure Water (RO) and 0.1% Potassium Carbonate. Bano contains no harmful chemicals.

"Bano" - Power and Gentleness of Water

Bano has very strong cleaning capability through ultra high alkalinity. Bano eliminates Escherichia Coli (E Coli) and O-157, causes of food poisoning, dissolving oils and fats instantly. Ideal for use in kitchen area since Bano is 100% odorless water without any synthetic chemical substances. Bano will give its users surprising experiences with its power of cleaning.

Bano is useful for nursing people safely and easily cleaning head and body. Bano can be used for cleaning and deodorizing your pets as well. By washing vegetables with Bano,you can safely remove harmful insecticides or any agricultural chemicals on the vegetables.

Bano is so versatile. It can be used at any place in your home – floors, doors and windows, furniture, dishes and kitchen wares, refrigerator, laundries, accessories and watches.

Our Main Product:

BANO - Super Alkaline Ionized Water for Sanitizing, Cleaning & Deodorizing. Bano performs also with anti-oxidization, anti-corrosion, anti-rusting & anti-static characteristics. Bano is 100% alcohol free, chemical free, colorless & odorless.

Product Specification:

* Product name : Bano (Super Alkaline Ionized Water) with pH ratio of 12±
* Water characteristics : Pure water (Reverse Osmosis)
* Component : Electrolyzed and Ionized Alkaline Water
* Contents : 99.9% Ionized Pure Water 0.1% of Potassium Carbonate