Personal Skin Care


Wash with x5 - x10 diluted BANO or spray lightly to hands and wipe off.


Soak towel in x5 – x10 diluted BANO, squeeze towel and wipe body.

Facial Hygiene and Care

Step 1- Spray Bano onto your face

Step 2- Rub Bano gently around your face

Step 3- Rinse your face with water

Step 4- Dry your face with clean towel

Hasten Healing of Pimples and Acne



Effective in getting rid of bacteria in acne and pimples and hastens the healing time for these painful bumps.

Hand Sanitizing -Putting on contact lens

  • Very often your eyes may be infected due to contact lens and most of the cases is caused by our own hand.
  • Sanitize before use is a good practice to avoid such problem.
  • Before putting on your contact lens, make sure you thoroughly wash your hands before handling and inserting contact lenses.
  • Why Bano ?
    • Other sanitizers mainly of either Alcohol or Chemical based which will probably affect the quality or even damage your expensive contact lenses.
    • Bano is pure 99.9% water-based sanitizer with no chemical nor alcohol that will not caused any damage to your lenses.
  • Sanitize your hand with Bano every time before you put on your contact lens !

BANO Wounds Sanitized Cleaning



See how effective by just spraying only Bano onto the affected areas.


After One Week

Even safe healing of wounds on your face.