Other Usages

  • Spray BANO directly to plants as insecticide or water them with x50 diluted BANO to keep them healthier and greener
  • Spray BANO over the half-dried laundries to eliminate bad smell.
  • Spray sink of your kitchen before retiring to keep it cleaner to prevent bacteria breeding in the night
  • Carry BANO always with you and spray chopsticks/folks/knives/spoons and wipe off before use at restaurant. Also spray BANO onto your table and wipe off
  • Carry BANO always with you and spray into air around your face if you feel the air surrounding you is somewhat polluted. Take care not to accidentally wet other people around you.
  • Carry BANO always to spray on toilet seat of public toilets for safer and cleaner usage
  • Prepare x100 diluted BANO water and keep cut flowers for longer life

Emulsification and Oil Separation Test

Comparison between Bano and tap water

Test environment

Room temperature : 18°C
Water temperature : 12°C
Super Alkaline Ion Water – Bano : pH 12.5 Drop 15 mℓ of cooking oil

Dropping into tap water

Oil separated and does not merge into water even after stirring.

Dropping into Bano

Emulsification occurs immediately after mixing. This is how Bano works as soap making it so easy to get rid of oily stains from any objects.

Tomatoes Washing Test

Detergency test by washing tomato

Color of Bano (left) starts changing immediately after soaking.

Tap water (right) makes no change.

10 minutes after soaking

Bano (left) color gets dark as Bano take off dirt and all kinds of agricultural chemicals on the surface of tomato.

Tap water (right) makes no change.

Flower - Chrysanthemum

( A ) Flowers with normal water only. The flowers bloomed after 6 days and faded after 13 days.
( B ) Flowers with water and Bano (200 mL water with 2 mL Bano). The flowers bloomed after 6 hours and remain almost the same after 13 days. * First photo taken on 5th April and last photo taken on 18th April 2011

Helmet Cleaning and Deodorizing

Step 1- Spray Bano onto the inner part of Helmet

Step 2- Leave the Helmet to dry for about 10-15minutes

Step 3- The bad odor is gone

Step 4- Bano is proven to be effective !!

Cleaning of Stubborn Stains

Step 1- Stains can be seen at the lid of the cup

Step 2- Spray Bano over the area

Step 3- Clean with tissue or cloth

Step 4- Stains clearly removed

Interior and Exterior of Vehicles

Spray Bano onto the surfaces, leave for 10-20 seconds and wipe with dry cloths or tissue paper

Useful on Flight

Suitable to use especially when using the Air plane toilet. Spray Bano onto the toilet seats and wipe it before use.

Deodorize shoes

Spray Bano into the inners sides of the shoes, leave it to dry

Smelly Feet – Remove odor

Spray Bano directly to affected areas, leave it to dry.

BANO Steering Wheel Cleaning

Do you know your car's steering wheel is actually dirtier than a public toilet seat?

BANO KLCC Model Cleaning

BANO Metal Tower Cleaning